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Somaliland – An African and Muslim success story

25 June 2007

Somaliland is an African and Muslim nation that is embracing peace, democracy, human rights and economic development.

Peter Tatchell interviews Dr Mohamed-Aar A Mohamed of the Somaliland Research Society UK and Lulu Farah of the Somaliland Forum UK.

In contrast to the war, chaos and human rights abuses in Somalia, the independent nation of Somaliland is an oasis of peace, stability and progress – despite a lack of international recognition and aid.

Somaliland broke away from the war-torn, failed state of Somalia, declaring its independence in 1991. In recent years it has held multi-party local, parliamentary and presidential elections that have been judged to be free and fair by international election observers. It has made big strides towards ensuring freedom of speech, protest and the press, and advancing women’s rights.

But despite all these positive achievements, Somaliland does not have international recognition. It wants, and deserves, membership of the African Union, the Commonwealth and the United Nations.

Isn’t it time the world recognised, celebrated and supported this great African and Muslim success story?

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