“Don’t accept the world as it is.
Dream about what the world could be – then help make it happen.”


“The only liberation struggle worth fighting is a struggle inspired by love.
Love is the beginning, middle and end of liberation.
Without love, there can be no liberation worthy of the name.”


“From many small streams, a mighty river flows.
We are the small streams that can make a mighty river for human freedom.”


“Every successful emancipation struggle is a collective one.
Every true emancipation struggle is for the sake of the individual.”


“We humans are just a tiny momentary spec in a vast universe that predates us by billions of years and will long outlast our existence. But while we humans do exist, let’s do what we can to make our life, and the life of others, the best we can.”


“Queer freedom has been long delayed but it cannot and will not be denied.”


“Unite the many to defeat the few.”


“Securing social change requires us to win support, not just from people who share our values and ideas, but also from those with whom we may otherwise disagree.”


“Human rights campaigning is a creative process similar to art; transforming the rough ugliness of society to create something better and more beautiful.”


“Don’t conform and follow the crowd. Question everything. Be your own special creation. Get the crowd to follow you.”


“A successful radical is a person who does the hard slog of turning opponents into allies.”


Peter Tatchell


“A national hero”
Sunday Times

“A civil rights campaigner we can all applaud”
Sunday Telegraph

“Heroic…an example to us all…the Peter Tatchell left bruised and bloodied in a Brussels gutter is a better man than the EU politicians who have been fawning over Mugabe…Mr Tatchell has the courage of his convictions. They owe allegiance only to hypocrisy”
Daily Mail

“Peter Tatchell has done more to keep gay rights on the agenda over the last decade (the 1990s) than anyone”
Time Out

“A modern-day prophet…dauntingly brave in his pursuit of equality and justice”
Bishop Richard Holloway, former Primate of Scotland

“Challenging government repression and public panic…(Peter Tatchell is) making a very important contribution to AIDS awareness and the human rights of people with HIV”
The late Sean MacBride, former Assistant General Secretary of the United Nations

“His impact has been immense…brave, honest and absolutely sincere in his determination to build an unprejudiced world”
Lord Hattersley, former Minister and ex-deputy leader of the Labour Party

“Unpaid, tireless and he never stops…Peter Tatchell has probably done more for gay and human rights than anyone in Britain over the last 20 years”
Marcelle D’Argy Smith, feminist writer and ex-editor of Cosmopolitian

“I thank Peter Tatchell for publicising and defending the human rights of the people of East Timor during the many years of Indonesian occupation and oppression”
Jose Ramos Horta, Foreign Spokesperson for the East Timor independence movement, Fretilin

“Peter Tatchell’s courageous stand on behalf of basic freedoms are a beacon”
John Pilger, journalist, broadcaster and author

“Brave and courageous…Peter has unflinchingly exposed the depth of homophobia that still haunts this planet. His new campaign to promote the enforcement of international human rights law is long overdue and much needed”
Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK

“He’s very necessary…incredibly brave…doing good work in a world where most people are too timid”.
Elton John, singer and musician

“Peter Tatchell’s citizen’s arrest successfully highlighted the human rights abuses of the Mugabe regime…and produced many positive outcomes… promoting awareness of lesbian and gay human rights in Zimbabwe and strengthening our credibility within the general human rights movement”
Gay And Lesbians of Zimbabwe

“One of the most influential gay men of this century”
Independent on Sunday

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