Books written by Peter Tatchell

We Don’t Want To March Straight – Masculinity, Queers & The Military, Cassell, London 1995

Safer Sexy – The Guide To Gay Sex Safely, Freedom Editions/Cassell, London 1994

Europe In The Pink – Lesbian & Gay Equality In The New Europe, GMP, London, 1992

Out In Europe – A Guide to Lesbian & Gay Rights in 30 European Countries, Channel Four Television, London, 1990

AIDS: A Guide To Survival, GMP, London, 1986, 1987 & 1990

Democratic Defence – A Non-Nuclear Alternative, Heretic Books/GMP, London, 1985

The Battle for Bermondsey, Heretic Books/GMP, London, 1983


Books with contributions by Peter Tatchell

My NonReligious Life: A Journey from Superstition to Rationalism, in 50 Voices of Disbelief, Why We Are Atheists, Russell Blackford and Udo Schuklenk (Editors), Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, 2009

Monarchy is Racism, in Good Company, Ideas on Modern Republicanism, Meg Green (Editor), Republic, London, 2009

Same-sex families, in Second thoughts on the family, Anastasia de Waal (Editor), Civitas, London, 2008

The moment the ANC embraced gay rights,in Sex and politics in South Africa, Neville Hoad, Karen Martin and Graeme Reid (Editors), Double Storey Books, Cape Town, 2005

The ABC of sexual health and happiness, in Teenage Sex: What should schools teach children?, Ellie Lee & Tiffany Jenkins (Editors), Hodder & Stoughton / Institute of Ideas, London 2002

Some people are more equal than others, in The Hate Debate – Should hate be punished as a crime?, Paul Iganski (Editor), Profile Books / Institute for Jewish Policy Research, London 2002

The Art of Activism: Protest as Performance, in Making a Scene, Performing Culture into Politics, Henry Rogers and David Burrows (Editors), ARTicle Press in association with the IKON Gallery, Birmingham, 2000

Policing Without Prejudice, in Building Safer Cities, Peter Francis & Penny Fraser (Editors), The Centre For Crime & Justice Studies, Kings College, London, 1999

Call Us Queer, in The Penguin Book Of Twentieth Century Protest, Brian MacArthur (Editor), Viking, London 1998

Peter Tatchell Interview, in Outrage! – An Oral History, Ian Lucas (Editor), Cassell, London, 1998

It’s Just A Phase: Why Homosexuality Is Doomed, in Anti-Gay, Mark Simpson (Editor), Freedom Editions/Cassell, London 1996

Breaking The Barriers To Desire, in Bisexual Horizons – Politics, Histories, Lives, Sharon Rose and Cris Stevens (Editors), Lawrence & Wishart, London 1996

Letter to the Bishop of London, in The Marginalia Book Of Gay Letters, James Jolly and Estelle Kohler (Editors), Marginalia Press, London, 1995

Peter Tatchell Interview, in No Bath But Plenty Of Bubbles, Lisa Power (Editor), Cassell, London, 1995

Death Is Not The End, in How Can You Write A Poem When You’re Dying Of AIDS?, John Harold (Editor), Cassell, London, 1993

Criminal Injustice, in At Your Own Risk – A Saint’s Testament, Derek Jarman, Hutchinson, London, 1992

Equal Rights For All – Strategies For Lesbian & Gay Equality In Britain, in Modern Homosexualities, Ken Plummer (Editor), Routledge, London, 1992

Peter Tatchell Interview, in Them – Voices From The Immigrant Community In Contemporary Britain, Jonathan Green (Editor), Secker & Warburg, London 1990

Strategies For Power, in Getting There – Steps To A Green Society, Derek Wall (Editor), Green Print/The Merlin Press, London, 1990

Ecological Sustainability, in Into The Twenty-First Century – An Agenda for Political Realignment, Felix Dodds (Editor), Green Print/Marshall Pickering, Basingstoke, UK, 1988

Peter Tatchell Interview, in Nuclear-Free Defence, Louis Mackay & David Fernbach (Editors), Heretic Books/GMP, London, 1983

Introduction, Democracy and Parliament, Raymond Williams, Socialist Society, London, 1982.

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