20th anniversary of terror bombing of Soho gay bar

Homophobia isn’t over: 30% of LGBTs suffer hate crime

London, UK – 30 April 2019


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Twentieth anniversary: Remembering the victims of the neo-Nazi terrorist bombing of the Admiral Duncan gay pub in Soho, London, which killed three people and maimed 79 other on 30 April 1999. We joined the vigil of remembrance outside the bar.

Homophobia isn’t over yet: even today a third of LGBTs have been victims of hate crime. Half of LGBT+ pupils have been bullied at school.

The killer also bombed the Asian and black communities, respectively in Brick Lane and Brixton, but fortunately no one was killed.

Stand together. Unite against all hate.

Read this report about the commemoration vigil: https://tinyurl.com/y5bhoc93