UK Government pledges to “shortly” ban LGBT+ conversion therapy

The ban must protect trans people & apply to religious practices


London, UK – 12 March 2021


The UK Government today, at last, pledged to “shortly” ban LGBT+ conversion therapy.

Peter Tatchell, LGBT+ and human rights campaigner and founder of the campaign, has responded:

“We welcome the government’s pledge today that it will ‘shortly’ bring forward legislation to ban the unethical, ineffective and harmful practice of LGBT+ conversion therapy.

“The government has dithered for almost 1,000 days. We will not let up until we see the details and timetable of the new law.

“The ban must protect trans people, children and adults, and apply to religious practices. It is time to stop dithering and get this done.

“This hopeful progress follows over 7,500 people signing our recent petition calling on the government to ban LGBT+ conversion therapy.

“We worked with the Ban Conversion Therapy coalition and this collaboration helped push the government to make today’s announcement,” said Mr Tatchell.