Sign the LGBT+ Election Manifesto

Candidates & public urged to sign eight LGBT+ equality pledges


London, UK – 30 October 2019

General election candidates are being urge to sign up to a LGBT+ Election Manifesto with eight pledges:

The call comes from the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

The PTF Director, Peter Tatchell, said:

“The LGBT+ community has made great gains in the last two decades, with the repeal of all major anti-gay laws. But the battle for equality is not yet over. There are still unresolved issues. This manifesto is urging parliamentary candidates to support further advances for the LGBT+ community.”

“The pledges are simple, low-cost and politicians who commit to the LGBT+ manifesto will send a clear signal that equality is important and that LGBT lives matter.”

Both candidates and members of the public can sign the pledge at


  1. Relationship & Sex Education: Mandatory LGBT-inclusive relationship and sex education in every school.
  2. Trans rights: Allow trans people to legally affirm their gender identity by a process of statutory self-declaration.
  3. PrEP: Make the cost-effective HIV prevention drug, PrEp, available to everyone, irrespective of postcode.
  4. Gay compensation: Compensate the thousands of men prosecuted for consenting adult same-sex acts under past discriminatory laws.
  5. Protect refugees: End the detention and deportation of LGBT+ asylum seekers who have fled persecution abroad.
  6. Blood equality: End the blanket restrictions on gay and bisexual male blood donors and switch to individual risk assessment.
  7. Ethical foreign policy: Make UK aid and trade deals contingent on the recipient country’s respect for LGBT+ and other human rights.
  8. Extend disregards and pardons: Add gay offences not currently included, such as soliciting and prosecutions under generic military, public order and ancient indecency statutes.