Not Glad To Be Gay?

Gay people who sneer at fags who have straight relationships are just plain pathetic.


Pop star Tom Robinson’s love for a woman is yet again leading to accusations that he’s betrayed the gay cause. In the 1970s and ’80s, he was one of the most famous gay men in Britain. His hit song “Sing If You’re Glad To Be Gay” was, for over a decade, the de facto gay national anthem. Then Tom fell in love with Sue Brearley! More than 10 years later, the cries of “turncoat” are still being shouted – most recently inThe Independent. Under the headline, “Glad Not To Be Gay”, Vanessa Thorpe resurrected the story that gay men who go straight provoke “shock and anger” in the queer community. Do they? Who says?

Tom Robinson has behaved rather commendably, in my view. Ever since the beginning of his relationship with Sue, he has continued to describe himself as “a gay man who happens to be in love with a woman”. Who could quarrel with that? I can’t. A similar fuss was made last month over three of the Bolton 7.

“Gay Sex Trio Declare Love For Women” screamed the local paper, The Bolton Evening News. It revealed that three of the seven “have been involved in heterosexual relationships”, and that the girlfriend of one of the men came to court to support him. Yes, these three are bisexual. So what? It is a fact that some people fancy both boys and girls. Freud and Kinsey proved long ago that sexuality is not divided into two mutually exclusive desires. It is a continuum of attractions, with lots of people being a mixture of hetero and homo. If some queers do “sneer” at fags who have straight relationships, as The Independentclaims, then that’s just plain pathetic. I’m campaigning for queer rights because people should be able to love who they wish, without fear of prejudice or discrimination. That includes the right to be gay, straight or bisexual. I don’t have a problem with people switching their affections from one sex to the other. It’s their life. Sexual liberation is about people’s right to make their own choice about who they love – and not be victimised!