Queer Traitors

Dishing the dirt on queer homophobes.

The general election is on 1 May. Now is the time to expose the traitors to the queer nation. OutRage! wants your information on the lying, deceiving faggot MPs who publicly condemn the gay community and support anti-gay discrimination, while privately screwing around with other queers. These homophobic bastards need to be outed and discredited before their bigotry wrecks more lesbian and gay lives.

Gossip or rumour is of no interest. We need hard facts and plenty of lurid detail, preferably full-colour photographs and in-the-sack videos of these queer scum bags. The more embarrassing, the better to discredit their hypocritical, homophobic rantings. Without people who are prepared to “tell all”, there can be no outing campaign.

We’re after credible information from first-hand sources. Any visual proof is a bonus. We’d love to get our hands on images of a queer-baiting MP being fisted by a gang of skinheads, an anti-gay Cabinet Minister with a prick in his gob, or a ‘family-values’ back-bencher buggering a 15 year old schoolboy.

If you work as an escort, and have serviced the high and mighty, we want to hear from you. Dish the dirt and help us bring to justice the two-faced shit-stabbers who are fucking over the queer community.

These duplicitous cock-suckers are gay in private and anti-gay in public. Their hypocrisy and homophobia is a matter of legitimate queer interest which merits exposure.

We’re also keen to receive your X-files on faggot and dyke military chiefs and Ministry of Defence officials who are helping witch-hunt queers out of the Armed Forces. Give us a hand in dragging these homo bigots from the closet by their balls and clitorises. Make them squeal like they’ve made others squeal!

Send us your juicy tit-bits about the general who likes being stripped naked and whipped senseless by his mess sergeant, and the commander who has a partiality for rimming the arses of naval freshmen. Let’s tell the truth about the double-standards of the military top brass, and the rest of the homophobic establishment.

Outing queer homophobes is queer self-defence. We’re defending our community against those homo-hating arse-bandits and cunt-burglars who stab us in the back. By exposing their hypocrisy and homophobia we aim to cause them embarrassment and ridicule. That will hopefully shut them up and stop them persecuting fellow queers.

Naming these homo traitors will also send a warning to other poofs in positions of power and influence: if you attack the gay community, we will attack you back. The days when we queers colluded with our own victimisation are over. From now on, it’s war!

Since the media reviles us as “homosexual terrorists”, we may as well start acting like terrorists by sabotaging the straight-acting, queer-bashing political elite.

As well as homophobes in parliament and the military, the OutRage! outing hit-list includes:

* Police and judges who victimise queers for victimless behaviour like cruising, sex on heaths, SM acts, and age of consent violations.

* Editors, journalists and broadcasters who promote inflammatory, homophobic views that incite hatred and violence against queers.

* Priests, rabbis and imams who denounce homosexuality and oppose queer human rights while themselves sucking cock (or, in the case of dyke hypocrites, eating pussy).

Get your filth to us pronto. Remember, we need information that will stand up in a court of law. Tittle-tattle and anonymous tip-offs are useless. We’re seeking people who’ve either:

+ had queer sex with these homophobes

+ seen them have queer sex with others

+ observed them in queer places with obvious queer intent

+ heard these homophobes admit privately to being queer.

If you’ve got this kind of info (or know who can supply it to us), make contact with OutRage! now. We need informants who are prepared to state publicly, in a press conference, the truth about these anti-gay pricks. Help us expose the queer vermin who are inflicting pain and suffering on members of our community. Name the bastards now!

QX, 23 April 1997

© Copyright Peter Tatchell, 1997. All rights reserved.