New ‘LGBT airline’ provokes concerns

Peter Tatchell says Pride Airways is “a poor silly fad”


London – April 1, 2021


A new airline that will ‘only’ cater for LGBT+ travellers has prompted LGBT+ campaigner Peter Tatchell to raise his concern about the human rights implications.

Pride Airways will launch its inaugural route at the beginning of April next year, when it flies twice weekly between London and San Francisco. It’s aim is to tap into the expanding LGBT+ travel market

The leaked company documents say only passengers that identify as LGBT+ will be allowed to fly, in order to create a ‘safe and LGBT-friendly flying experience’ and to enable ‘wholly LGBT in-flight entertainment.’ It’s pilot and cabin crew will also be ‘certified LGBT’. The goal is and provide LGBT+ flyers with a ‘fun flight where they can relax and be themselves without worrying how straight passengers might react.’

Mr Tatchell queried:

“How will passengers certify they are LGBT? How can the LGBT-only policy be policed? It smacks of segregation and the consequences for privacy and human rights are deeply concerning. Interestingly, the directors of Pride Airlines have not confirmed that they are LGBT. I urge them to provide their own certification.”

Pride Airways says it will operate a fleet of Boeing Dreamliner aircraft adorned in Pride colours (see picture below).It promises a ‘truly LGBT on-board experience.’ Sir Elton John will be performing on the first flight and drinks will be served by four past winners of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The airline will also have a 30kg baggage allowance, as it says surveys show that ‘LGBTs don’t travel light.’

Mr Tatchell added:

“It’s 2021 and this is a poor silly fad. There is no evidence that LGBTs feel unsafe when flying, so why do we need an exclusive ‘safe’ airline experience? These are all questions the airline needs to answer.”

“This looks like another corporate bid to cash-in on the pink pound. There are so many more important issues we should be addressing today.”