40 years of Gay Liberation

Pride London and Queer Question Time present


An afternoon of film and debate celebrating the 40th anniversary of the London Gay Liberation Front

Raising funds for Pride London


1pm, Saturday 26th June 2010
Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

Hosted by STEWART WHO?

‘Come Together’ is an afternoon of celebration, challenge, cinema and chin-wagging looking back over the last 40 years since the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) was formed in London; looking at where we are today and looking ahead to where we could be.

The afternoon will start with some amazing archive footage including ‘Come Together’; a 1971 Panorama documentary originally broadcast in 1971; excerpts from A Lesbian and Gay History and an exclusive screening of films Mair Davies made in the GLF communes. This will be followed by a panel debate with lots of audience participation.

The treatment of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga by Malawian authorities is one very current example of why it is so important for us as to keep activism on the agenda and do all we can to engage our community to fight at home and abroad, in whatever way we feel able to.

40 years since the demands were first state we are still waiting for all of them to be met. Why? Join our panel for a frank discussion about LGBT rights, what can we learn from our queer history and what can we as a community do to achieve what GLF demanded 40 years ago? Given we now have some of the rights we have fought for, what could we be doing as a community to support LGBT people around the world?

Let’s come together, celebrate, inspire, question, challenge and be challenged.

In 1970 the GLF made 8 interim, immediate civil rights demands:

1) That all discrimination against gay people, male and female, by the law, by employers, and by society at large, should end.
2) That all people who feel attracted to a member of their own sex be taught that such feelings are perfectly normal.
3) That sex education in schools stop being exclusively heterosexual
4) That psychiatrists stop treating homosexuality as though it were a problem or sickness, thereby giving gay people senseless guilt complexes.
5) That gay people be as legally free to contact other gay people through newspaper ads, on the streets, and by any other means they may want, as are heterosexuals, and that police harassment should cease right now.
6) That employers should no longer be allowed to discriminate against anyone on account of their sexual preferences.
7) That the age of consent for gay males be reduced to the same as for straights.
8) That gay people be free to hold hands and kiss in public as are heterosexuals.

Hosted by STEWART WHO? and some special guests involved in GLF, human rights and  LGBT activism including:

Roz Kaveney – Trans poet and activist
Shami Chakrabarti – Director of Liberty
Stuart Feather – Artist
Andrew Lumsden – Artist and journalist
plus additional special guest to be announced.

Let’s come together, celebrate, inspire, question, challenge and be challenged.

1pm – 3.00pm on Saturday 26 June
Entry £7.5 (£4 NUS & unwaged)
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All door proceeds to go to Pride London.

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