David Morley trial Verdict – Is This Justice?

OutRage!: “It is questionable whether justice has been done”

London – 14 December 2005


“Many people in the gay community will be dismayed by these verdicts,” said Peter Tatchell of the gay human rights group, OutRage!

He was commenting on the conclusion of the trial of the youth gang members who were charged with kicking to death gay bar man, David Morely, on London’s South Bank in October 2004.

“David’s killing resulted from a premeditated attack, where the assailants used pre-arranged code words to launch their assault. They must have known that their extreme violence was likely to cause serious and potentially fatal injuries.

“The attackers kicked David repeatedly in the head, ‘like a football,’ as he lay on the ground, according to the prosecutor.

“The assailants seem to have shown no concern whether Mr Morley lived or died. Such reckless disregard for human life suggests that the killers should have been convicted of murder.

“The manslaughter verdict for the killing of David Morley contrasts with the murder verdict for the killer of Liverpool teenager, Anthony Walker.

“Both David Morley and Anthony Walker were victims of premeditated hate crimes. Both died.

“Anthony’s killer was convicted of murder; David’s killers received convictions for manslaughter.

“It is questionable whether justice has been done, when there are differential verdicts for such similar hate-motivated killings.

“It seems that homophobic hate crimes do not attract the same penalties as other hate crimes.

“There should be zero tolerance and maximum penalties for all racist and homophobic attacks,” said Mr Tatchell.