1,000 days of dithering on conversion therapy ban

Promise but no details or timetable


London, UK – 29 March 2021


Tomorrow, Tuesday 30 March 2021, marks one thousand days since the UK government first promised to ban LGBT+ conversion therapy. This has still not happened.

It’s now 1,000 days of government dithering.

Earlier this month the government repeated its July 2018 promise but again refused to give details of the legislation or timetable.

Peter Tatchell, LGBT+ human rights campaigner and founder of the StopDithering.com campaign against conversion therapy, said:

“While the government continues to dither, countless LGBTs continue to be harmed by this unethical and ineffective practice.”

“We breathed a sigh of relief in 2018 when we were told a ban was imminent but there has been nothing substantive from the government since then – only empty promises. We will not let up until we see the details and timetable of the new law and it passes both houses of parliament.”

“The ban must protect trans people, children and adults, and apply to religious practices. It is time to stop dithering and get this done.

“Feelings are strong. Over 7,500 people have signed our recent StopDithering.com petition calling for an immediate ban. We are working with the Ban Conversion Therapy coalition and none of us will give up until this damaging practice is banned,” said Mr Tatchell.