Protest at celebrity-studded Dorchester hotel fashion event

Hotel owned by Brunei which has death penalty for LGBTs

London, UK – 17 February 2023


Attendees at Friday night’s glamorous London Fashion Week celebration at the Dorchester Hotel in London were greeted by a one-man protest on the red carpet by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

The event was hosted by ES Magazine and Perfect Magazine for London Fashion Week.

Speaking at the protest, Mr Tatchell said:

“The Dorchester is a symbol of tyranny. It is owned by the homophobic dictatorship in Brunei, where death by stoning is the punishment for homosexuality.

“It is outrageous that the Evening Standard and Perfect magazines are hosting a London Fashion Week event at the Dorchester. This is fashion without a conscience.

“It is an insult to the many LGBT+ people who work in the fashion industry as designers and models – as well as to LGBT+ people in Brunei.

“I was shocked to see so many celebrities and LGBT+ fashion models & designers attending this event and seemingly not giving a damn about LGBTs in Brunei.

Some of them were quite disdainful of my polite protest. They said things like: “Leave it Peter” “Haven’t you got better things to do?” “We’re here to have a nice evening thank you” “You’re spoiling the evening” “Why do you always have to cause trouble? And “Give it a rest.”

“Several of the celebrities pulled disapproving faces. Others were just plain indifferent.

“Security tried to move me away but I stood my ground and they relented,” said Mr Tatchell