Prince William not going to Qatar World Cup

Others must follow

28 October 2022

Human rights defender Peter Tatchell said:

“I am no royalist but I applaud Prince William’s decision not to attend the World Cup in Qatar. He is setting an example to celebrities and governments everywhere. I urge them to follow his exemplary leadership.

“Everyone should stay away, to signal their opposition to the despotic tyranny in Doha and to stand in solidarity with Qataris who are striving for democracy and human rights.

“The suggested excuse that Prince William’s decision is because of a diary clash is implausible, given that the dates of the World Cup have been well known for over a year.

“It would be very wrong for any member of the royal family or our government to be hosted by the Qataris. That would give respectability and credibility to a homophobic, sexist and racist regime. It would be collusion with the dictatorship and an insult to the many victims of its persecution,” said Mr Tatchell.