The Tories – Still Homophobic

Peter Tatchell says the Conservative Party claims to be more liberal-minded and caring, but in reality it still supports anti-gay discrimination.

Labour’s Shame

Labour’s refusal to crack down on queer-bashing violence and homophobic discrimination.

Battered, Bruised & Betrayed?

Tony Blair sent a message of support to last summer’s Pride Festival pledging Labour’s commitment to “build a new Britain free from discrimination”. But since then, Labour has flunked and fudged on lesbian and gay equality.

New Labour, New Hype?

Before the election, Labour courted the queer vote with promises of gay law reform. Peter Tatchell says that since winning power, Labour’s record has been mostly a succession of delays, u-turns and half-baked reforms.

Votes, Smears & Homophobia

The homophobic onslaught suffered by Peter Tatchell when he stood for parliament in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election – and the lessons he learned from the most homophobic election in British history.