Peter Tatchell Foundation celebrates 5 years of human rights work


Celebrate with us at the Equality Ball on 26 November in London

London, UK – October 2016

“A huge thank you to all our friends and donors. This month the Peter Tatchell Foundation celebrates five years of human rights work – casework, education, research and advocacy. We have helped hundreds of individual victims of injustice and supported scores of human rights organisations in the UK and worldwide – with many successes. But we could not have done any of this without your kind, generous support. Our immense gratitude to all of you. We hope you will celebrate with us at our Equality Ball on 26 November in London. I look forward to welcoming you on the night,” Peter Tatchell, Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

Below are details of our revamped website and YouTube channel, information about the Equality Ball and a summary of our current human rights work.

We are proud to showcase our new PTF website:

And this is our upgraded YouTube channel:

Here’s information about the Equality Ball and how you can book your tickets:

These are our current main areas of human rights work:

* Supporting the movement for marriage equality in Northern Ireland; to end the ban and ensure that same-sex couples can marry the person they love

* Defending free speech and freedom of expression, including twice successfully working with others to respectively repeal legal restrictions and prevent the enactment of repressive new laws

* Lobbying the Commonwealth to end the outlawing of homosexuality in 38 of its 53 member states – and to get LGBTI rights on the agenda of the next Commonwealth summit in 2018

* Pressing the government to make sex and relationship education mandatory in every school, and inclusive of LGBTI issues, to cut unwanted pregnancies and HIV

* Promoting LGBTI-Muslim solidarity: building bridges with the Muslim community to fight all hate, challenge homophobia and support LGBTI Muslims

* Acting in solidarity with occupied and unrecognised nations such as Kurdistan, West Papua, Somaliland, Tibet, Palestine and Balochistan

* Publicising the inspiring work of heroic human rights campaigners in repressive countries like Russia, Iran, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Uganda

In addition, we do casework, providing advice and support to hundreds of refugees and victims of discrimination and hate crime, and run an Education in Human Rights programme of talks in schools, colleges and universities.

Click on the Donate button to help finance our work. If you already donate, much appreciation. Your financial support funds our vital work.

Thank you and best wishes – Peter Tatchell, Director of the PTF

Our motto:
“Don’t accept the world as it is. Dream of what the world could be – and then help make it happen”