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Outing Forces Church To Act

The “outing” of 10 Bishops has been more effective than years of polite lobbying, argues Peter Tatchell. It has forced the Church of England to begin a serious dialogue with the lesbian and gay community for the first time.

Queer Comrades

In 1973 in East Berlin, Peter Tatchell staged the first ever lesbian and gay rights demonstration in a communist country.

Equality is not Enough

Equal rights versus queer emancipation. Recalling the radical ideals of the Gay Liberation Front, more than mere legal equality is demanded-changing society is necessary.

Up Against The Stonewall

Stonewall’s focus on lobbying and law reform has its limitations. Direct action also has a vital role to play in the struggle for queer freedom.

Liberating Sexual Desire

Everyone is potentially bisexual; the struggle for lesbian and gay equality is about the right of all people to share the joy of same-sex relationships without guilt or anxiety, and without the fear of prejudice and discrimination.