Survivors of a Forgotten Holocaust

Gay victims of Nazism speak out in a new film, Paragraph 175. Their testimonies refute “neo-revisionist” histories of the holocaust that ignore or dismiss the Nazi war against homosexuals.

The Einstein of Sex

The German sex researcher Dr Magnus Hirschfeld, 1868-1935, was one of the world’s greatest gay rights pioneers.

Homophobic Histories of Nazism

Most of the world’s leading holocaust historians are guilty of historical revisionism: the suppression or downplaying of the Nazi persecution of homosexuals.

30 Years of Gay Liberation

This year’s Pride/Mardi Gras celebrates the 30th anniversary of the London Gay Liberation Front. Peter Tatchell looks back at the movement that created the gay community and changed society forever.

Queer Comrades

In 1973 in East Berlin, Peter Tatchell staged the first ever lesbian and gay rights demonstration in a communist country.

Equality is not Enough

Equal rights versus queer emancipation. Recalling the radical ideals of the Gay Liberation Front, more than mere legal equality is demanded-changing society is necessary.