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Iraq – Occupation, privatisation, theocracy and death squads

30 March 2007

On his weekly TV programme, Talking With Tatchell, Peter Tatchell interviews Nadia Mahmood of the Iraqi Freedom Congress.

The allied occupation of Iraq has paved the way for the mass looting of the country. Billions have gone missing. Corruption is rife. The US has strong-armed the Baghdad government into privatising Iraq’s oil wealth, with western petroleum corporations being offered extraordinarily favourable licences and astronomical profit margins. Meanwhile, the country is being torn apart by sectarian civil war and is sliding fast towards theocracy, with fundamentalist Islamist militias and death squads having de facto control over large regions and millions of people. The killers in the Badr and Sadr militias are the armed wings of parties and ministers in the Iraqi government. Is there any hope at all for democracy and human rights in Iraq ?

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