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Gordon Brown – the good, the bad, the ugly

23 May 2007

Suzanne Moore, feminist & Mail on Sunday columnist, questions Gordon Brown’s record over the last decade and whether he can beat off the challenge from David Cameron. Suzanne Moore is interviewed by Peter Tatchell on his weekly TV programme, Talking With Tatchell:

There has been much discussion of Tony Blair’s legacy. But perhaps it might be more accurate to talk of the Blair-Brown legacy. Despite their personal rivalry, the two men worked together to bring to fruition the New Labour project. Brown was Blair’s ‘Mr Money Bags’; funding his every policy whim and fancy. Sitting at the Cabinet table, he colluded with every good, bad and ugly twist of policy.

Will Gordon Brown now distance himself from the Blair era? Can he reinvent the Labour Party and give it a fresh appeal? Will voters warm to his more touchy-feely, humble persona? How will he square up to fresh-faced, smiley David Cameron? Is Cameron’s more liberal, green Toryism a genuine change of heart or just more spin? Can he succeed in convincing the electorate that the Conservatives are no longer the nasty party?

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