John McDonnell MP – Labour leadership contender

18 May 2007

John McDonnell is the left-wing MP challenging Gordon Brown for the leadership of the Labour Party.

The Labour hierarchy want to see Gordon Brown crowned, not elected. John McDonnell believes Labour Party members deserve a choice of candidates, and that a leadership contest will generate a much needed, healthy debate on Labour’s future direction.

In this edition of Talking with Tatchell, McDonnell sets out his agenda to reposition Labour as a modern, forward-thinking, radical party of working people – based on the democratisation and redistribution of economic and political power.

In Parliament, John McDonnell is the Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs. Within the Labour Party, he is the Chair of the Labour Representation Committee, a rank-and-file organisation of Labour Party members and trade unionists, which campaigns for left-wing policies, internal party democracy and the accountability of Labour’s elected representatives.

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