The global resurgence of religious intolerance

16 June 2007 From Washington to Baghdad and beyond, religious intolerance is making a comeback; threatening democracy and human rights. Peter Tatchell interviews feminist commentator, writer and secularist, Joan Smith. Two centuries after the Enlightenment, religious ignorance, superstition, sectarianism and prejudice are on the rise again. Reason, science, liberalism, democracy, secularism and humanitarian values are […]

Monarchy v Democracy – time for an elected Head of State?

14 June 2007 Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay sets out the case for an elected head of state Hitler may have lost the war, but a monarch of German descent sits on the throne of Britain. Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of the German Royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The real issue is, of course, not […]

Iraq descends into clericalism and barbarism

9 June 2007 Iraqi human rights activist, Ali Hili, reveals that for most ordinary Iraqis, life is now worse than under Saddam Hussein’s brutal misrule. Saddam was a tyrant. It is good that he is gone. But since the American and British-led invasion in 2003, a once prosperous nation has been reduced to chaos, impoverishment […]

Russia’s war against Chechnya – self-determination denied

27 May 2007 Ivar Amundsen, Director of the Chechnya Peace Forum, and Shamil Zakayev, Coordinator of the Chechen diaspora in the UK, discuss with Peter Tatchell the on-going war and human rights abuses in Russian-occupied Chechnya . In 1999, President Putin launched the second war in Chechnya. Since then, 100,000 people have been killed and […]

Gordon Brown – the good, the bad, the ugly

23 May 2007 Suzanne Moore, feminist & Mail on Sunday columnist, questions Gordon Brown’s record over the last decade and whether he can beat off the challenge from David Cameron. Suzanne Moore is interviewed by Peter Tatchell on his weekly TV programme, Talking With Tatchell: There has been much discussion of Tony Blair’s legacy. But […]

John McDonnell MP – Labour leadership contender

18 May 2007 John McDonnell is the left-wing MP challenging Gordon Brown for the leadership of the Labour Party. The Labour hierarchy want to see Gordon Brown crowned, not elected. John McDonnell believes Labour Party members deserve a choice of candidates, and that a leadership contest will generate a much needed, healthy debate on Labour’s […]

Is multiculturalism subverting human rights?

18 May 2007 Johann Hari, columnist for The Independent, says multiculturalism is divisive, patronising, oppressive and often implicitly racist. In particular, it leads to a shameful betrayal of women’s rights. He is interviewed by Peter Tatchell on Talking With Tatchell: The multicultural ethos sometimes colludes with oppressive ideas within minority communities, especially ideas concerning women […]

Women – still the second sex?

8 May 2007 Julie Bindel, founder of Justice for Women, discusses the unfinished battle for women’s emancipation with Peter Tatchell. Women’s rights have been long ignored, frustrated and delayed. A century after the Suffragettes, women are still treated as the second sex. What are the key injustices holding back women? Among other things, shocking levels […]

Sian Berry – Green Party candidate for London Mayor

4 May 2007 Sian Berry, Green Party candidate for London Mayor, critiques Ken Livingstone’s record and sets out her agenda for a green, affordable London. Sian is interviewed by Peter Tatchell on his weekly TV programme, Talking With Tatchell. Sian discusses river buses to transform the Thames River into the 14th ‘tube’ line; and cuts […]

The BNP’s secret plan for apartheid in Britain

26 April 2007 Ex-BNP activist turned anti-fascist campaigner, Matthew Collins, Director of Searchlight’s Operation Wedge, reveals the inside truth about the BNP and how to defeat them. He is interviewed by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, on his weekly TV programme, Talking With Tatchell: The far right British National Party is fighting a record number […]