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What you can do
30 Most Marginal Constituencies
Sitting MPs' Voting Records

What you can do

Lesbian and gay voters could determine the 1997 General Election result in the country's 30 most marginal constituencies where the sitting MPs have a majority of less than 1000.

With the electoral register being currently compiled, OutRage! is launching a new campaign --QUEER THE VOTE-- to encourage lesbians and gay men to get registered before the closing date in mid-October 1996.

"We're warning homophobic MPs in marginal seats that the gay community has the voting strength to get rid of them,"said John Beeson. "Our aim is to mobilise gay political power to ensure the election of gay-friendly MPs."

"Research variously suggests that 5-10% of the population is lesbian, gay, or bisexual. This means that in an average constituency of 60,000 electors there are between 3,000 and 6,000 homosexual or bisexual voters, which is more than enough to influence the poll result in seats with small majorities," said Mr. Beeson.

All of the 30 marginal constituencies targeted by OutRage! have majorities under 930. Sixteen have majorities of less than 500, and in eleven the majority is below 250. Of the 30 targeted seats, 18 are Conservative, 8 Labour, 3 Liberal Democrat and 1 Scottish National Party.

"A majority of the sitting MPs oppose lesbian and gay human rights, having supported Section 28, the unequal age of consent, and the ban on gays in the military," said Marina Cronin of OutRage!. "We urge gay electors to quiz the candidates and vote against those who endorse antigay policies."



1VALE OF GLAMORGANConservative majority 19Walter Sweeney MP
2SLOUGHLabour majority 36Sitting MP John Watts Conservative but Labour majority due to seat merger. He is contesting another seat.
3HAYES & HARLINGTONConservative majority 44Terry Dicks MP, sitting member. He is seeking another seat.
4ROSSENDALE & DARWENLabour majority 49Janet Anderson MP
5HALESOWEN & ROWLEY REGISConservative majority 125New seat no MP as yet.
6ROCHDALELib. Dem. majority 128Elizabeth Lynne MP
7BRECON & RADNORSHIREConservative majority 130Jonathan Evans MP
8CROYDON NORTHConservative majority 160Malcolm Wicks (Labour) MP. Conservative majority due to seat merger.
9BIRMINGHAM YARDLEYLabour majority 162Estelle Morris MP
10STIRLINGConservative majority 236Michael Forsyth MP
11PORTSMOUTH SOUTHConservative majority 242David Martin MP
12IPSWICHLabour majority 335Jamie Cann MP
13CORBYConservative majority 342William Powell MP
14BLACKPOOL SOUTHConservative majority 394Nicholas Hawkins MP. (He will be contesting another seat)
15ANGUSSNP Majority 473Andrew Walsh MP
16HALIFAXLabour majority 478Alice Mahon MP
17LUTON SOUTHConservative majority 532Sir Graham Bright MP
18OLDHAM EAST & SADDLEWORTHConservative majority 559Chris Davis MP (Lib Dem., but Conservative majority due to seat merger)
19CAMBRIDGELabour majority 580Anne Campbell MP
20EDMONTONConservative majority 593Ian Twinn MP
21PRESELI & PEMBROKESHIREConservative majority 603New seat no MP as yet
22BURY SOUTH Conservative majority 728David Sumberg MP
23FOREST OF DEANLabour majority 732Paul Marland MP (Conservative MP, but Labour majority due to seat merger)
24 INVERNESS EAST, NAIRN & LOCHABERLib. Dem. majority 736Sir Russell Johnson MP, retiring
25NORTH DEVONLib. Dem. majority 793Nicholas Harvey MP
26BATLEY & SPENConservative majority 845Elizabeth Peacock MP
27DOVERConservative majority 860David Shaw MP
28NORTH WEST LEICESTERHIREConservative majority 866David Ashby MP Deselected
29SWINDON NORTHLabour majority 882New Seat. No MP as yet
30HAZEL GROVEConservative majority 929Sir Thomas Arnold MP



F = FOR, A = AGAINST, DV = DID NOT VOTE (Absent or not elected at the time)

NoNameSection 28Age of ConsentMilitary ban
1Walter Sweeney (Vale of Glamorgan)DV21F
2John Watts (Slough)F21F
3Terry Dicks (Hayes & Harlington)DV21DV
4Janet Anderson (Rossendale & Darwen)DV16A
5No Sitting MP (Halesowen & Rowley Regis New Seat)------
6Elizabeth Lynne (Rochdale)DV16DV
7Jonathan Evans (Brecon & Radnorshire)DV21F
8Malcolm Wicks (Croydon North)DV16DV
9Estelle Morris (Birmingham Yardley)DV16A
10Michael Forsyth (Stirling)F18DV
11David Martin (Portsmouth South)F21DV
12Jamie Cann (Ipswich)DV18DV
13William Powell (Corby)F21DV
14Nicnolas Hawkins (Blackpool South)DV21F
15Andrew Welsh (Angus)A21DV
16Alice Mahon (Halifax)A16DV
17Graham Bright (Luton South)F21F
18Chris Davies (Oldham E & Saddleworth)DVDVDV
19Ann Campbell (Cambridge)DV16A
20Ian Twinn (Edmonton)F18DV
21No sitting MP (Preseli & Pembrokeshire New Seat)------
22David Sumberg (Bury South)DV21DV
23Paul Marland (Forest of Dean)F18DV
24Russell Johnson (Inverness Nairn & Lochaber)DV16DV
25Nicholas Harvey (North Devon)DV16A
26Elizabeth Peacock (Batley & Spen)F21DV
27David Shaw (Dover)F21DV
28David Ashby (NW Leicester)F16DV
29No sitting MP (Swindon North New Seat)------
30Thomas Arnold (Hazel Grove)F18DV



      All the homophobic tory MP's targeted by OutRage! were defeated in the General Election on 1-May-1997.


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